Sleep Health and Your Mattress


Sleep health and your mattress

Katie Kelly, LMT

A recent survey conducted by ChiroUp, asked 200 chiropractors and 1000+ customers for their feedback on what they believe to be the best mattress on the market. Their findings were based on a combination of reported customer satisfaction, evidence-based research, and expert opinion.

The types of mattresses considered in this study were adjustable air, memory foam, coil, latex, hybrid/other, and waterbeds. While the data did not confirm any one mattress being the right pick for everyone, it did create a great baseline to consider before making your next purchase1.

The survey concluded that what is paramount when making your choice, is mattress firmness2. While customer preferences varied from soft to firm, research and experts alike suggest that too soft of a mattress can increase chances of cervical lordosis and disc loading, while too hard of a mattress can be too rigid for certain musculoskeletal conditions and do not support adequate postural alignment3,4. One important thing they suggested to keep in mind too, is that you can always soften up a firm mattress with toppers, but you can’t harden up a soft mattress. You should avoid going too soft even if you prefer it, as it may create more harm over time5. With that said, the most recommended mattress types were determined by taking an average of pros and cons of available models on the market. Adjustable air, memory foam, and coil mattresses came out on top. The lowest performer was waterbeds, with 100% of participating chiropractors and research concluding that not only are they not recommended, they are highly discouraged for everyone.


As far as when to replace a mattress? On average, experts recommend to replace them every 5-10 years. Body size, sleep position, mattress quality, and significant health conditions do affect their longevity however6. A good way to judge when it’s time for a replacement  is when you notice any visible breakdown or dip in the middle, or if you experience an increase of back pain with your aging mattress. Another consideration is that springs and foam may wear out faster, while air doesn’t break down as easily or as quickly. Also, when you make a new purchase you should go with a seller who offers a trial period of 60-90 days with a reasonable return or exchange policy. You will need ample time to properly try your new mattress out to make sure it’s the right fit. With a 40-45% increase of online mattress sales, this proves to be especially important7,8.

The bottom line?

You will likely have success with a variety of mattresses so long that they are medium-firm, though an adjustable air, memory foam, or coil mattress may provide you with the most value. Expect to replace your mattress every 5-10 years, and make certain that you purchase from a seller with an adequate trial period and robust return/exchange policy.

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