staying safe & healthy

our response to covid-19

what we know about covid-19

The effects of the virus are widespread and individuals can report a variety of symptoms, with an unpredictable severity of illness. Part of what makes COVID-19 so scary is this unpredictability. Research is emerging however, about just how effective social distancing and mask wearing are in slowing the spread. There are also additional measures that can be taken to slow it even further, and to keep the risk of exposure as low as possible for both practitioners and patients.


During this time of crisis, we know that our patients still have physical goals and healthcare needs. The healthcare system shouldn’t be a scary place, which is why A Body in Motion is doing its part to ensure that you receive the safest and most personalized care without the fear of getting sick. We have made many changes to our intake process, protocols, and to our office space to keep both patients and practitioners safe during this time.

We are doing our part to make sure the office space is clean and safe prior to your arrival. Measures we are taking include:
  • Providing masks and hand sanitizer for all of our patients

  • Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all equipment and surfaces touched with hospital grade disinfectant between each patient

  • Running medical grade air purifiers in all treatment areas

  • Spacing out our appointments to reduce patient contact in our waiting area

  • Prevent soiled linens or PPE from coming in contact with clean linens or PPE

  • When not required by clinical practice, standing at least 6 feet from you at all times


We ask that you please reschedule your appointment if you have experienced any of the following in the past 14 days:
  • Cold or flu symptoms with or without fever

  • Loss of taste or smell

  • Been at a gathering of more than 6 people indoors (not including immediate family)

  • Have traveled out of state or country via airports

  • Have had a known or suspected exposure to Covid-19

  • Have had any visitors from out of state or country staying in your home who are symptomatic

Thank you for doing your part to help us keep both you, and our space safe. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. The health and safety of our patients is paramount while providing care during this time.

what our clients are saying

I am a physical therapist who has both been a patient of Dr. Tim's and co-treated several patients together. He is both a wonderful clinician and a great person in general. I would not hesitate for a second to send my patients to him for chiropractic care. Highly recommend!

— Keaton R

Tim is the best chiropractic physician I've ever used. He knows so much and makes his knowledge very accessible.

— Casey L

I've been seeing Dr. Tim and Kate Kelly for several years. They helped with several injuries, as well as general body mechanics wellness. They definitely help keep this body in motion!

— Ellen K

Dr. Tim is the best! He is passionate about his work and it shines through in every appointment I've had with him. I appreciate his patience and the extra time he takes to ask me about my day. Initially, I was nervous about the adjustments and how they would feel, but now I can't wait for my weekly appointments!

— Heather S

I am now in less pain and have the tools and exercises I need to continue to get stronger. I look forward to our appointments because I always walk away feeling 100% better.

— J Kalberer

I've been seeing Dr. Tim for a while now. He's fantastic, very thorough in listening to the patients' problems, and his approach is in a great teamwork with you personally to your own comfort level in treatments.

— Jerry Y

You can tell Dr. Tim genuinely cares about how you’re feeling and isn’t just looking to do a quick fix or adjustment. He spends the time to make sure everything looks right and suggests exercises to help your long term well-being.

— Kari S

Dr Tim is simply amazing. He helped me get through a persistent lower back issue that I was struggling with for three years. Great personal service (calling after a treatment to see how I was feeling) as well as professional care!

— Larry T

Dr. Tim came highly recommended when I started seeing him because a rib had popped out. He worked with me to fix that, gave me exercises to strengthen and prevent it from happening again, and now works with me to prevent injury in a full contact sport.

— Lily H

Dr. Tim is warm, personable and knowledgeable. He's helped me through a number of physical limitations and has guided me to better health. When I first saw him, I was lucky to do yoga once a week and now I'm going four plus times a week!

— Marisol C

Tim does an incredible job of meeting me where I am and helping me define exercises and stretches that I can implement on my own. I highly recommend him.

— Rachel C

Dr Tim has been the best for my chronic headaches. Often other adjustments were too rough and made me nauseous or made the headaches worse. Dr Tim’s gentle, targeted approach has made a huge difference!

— Ruth B

Dr. Tim does more than adjustments, but also helps you to understand how your movement habits may be causing an injury, and then gives you exercises to learn how to move more efficiently.

— Sonya B

After my first visit the pain was 50% reduced. Each visit I was increasingly improved. Tim is sincere and professional and incorporates physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around bones to prevent further injury.

— Tia K

Before seeing Dr. Tim, I had chronic pain in the middle of my back. Not only did he reduce the pain, he also explained to me what had caused it and how to help keep it away.

— Val S

Kate is an amazing massage therapist. I always feel so much better after seeing her. She knows how to zero in on problem areas and get them to mellow out. She's also the nicest person ever!

— Wendy H

Dr. Tim takes the time to really listen to my concerns/goals and then creates plans tailored specifically to me. Personalized care, knowledgeable, friendly, thorough.

— Willie S.

our locations

Our in-gym locations in NE Portland and Lake Oswego offer easy access to chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. Contact us to set up a session at either our Fulcrum Fitness or Trainers Club locations.