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Jake H.

1 review

The massages and adjustments I've gotten here are a level beyond any previous experiences I've had with chiropractors and massage therapists.

After just a few adjustments with Dr. Tim my mobility and performance in the gym had pretty substantial improvements. And after a few sessions with Kate I found that her intuitive and skilled technique were starting to help heal a tendonitis issue I've had for over a decade.

Sonya B.

1 review

Dr. Tim is by far the best chiropractor I have ever seen.

Recently, when I suffered from an acute lower back and hip injury, he went out of his way to make time to see me on a Saturday. He does more than adjustments, but also helps you to understand how your movement habits may be causing an injury, and then gives you exercises to learn how to move more efficiently. He’s also a super nice person and makes you feel genuinely cared for. You will be in good hands with Dr. Tim!

Wendy H.

3 reviews

I have been coming to Dr. Tim and Kate for several years now and they are fabulous. I can't recommend them enough!

Kate is an amazing massage therapist. I always feel so much better after seeing her. She knows how to zero in on problem areas and get them to mellow out. She's also the nicest person ever!

Dr. Tim is amazing as well! He is thorough, and kind and knows his stuff. I originally started coming to him because of severe back pain I had been dealing with for over a year. He figured out that it was muscular, as well as my back. He gave me exercises and adjustments and before long I was as good as new. I'm so grateful for both Kate and Dr. Tim. They are both true gems!

Rochelle H.

8 reviews

It has been a great experience working with Dr. Tim.

Not only has he helped decrease the pain and alignment issues I was experiencing but he also helps show me the proper form for certain exercises I use. He's a very pleasant person and also encourages me to keep up with my fitness routine. I always look forward to my appointments with him. I definitely recommend Dr. Tim!

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